Hazards on construction sites can be down to lots of different causes. Weather conditions, working with crash hazards, time pressure, and lack of agreements all increase the risk of injury of your employees. The health and safety coordinators of Alemona can keep track of a wide range of construction types – even on large construction sites with employees from several companies. From issuing notice of the construction site, to drawing up a safety and health plan, right up to laying down site regulations and coordinating work safety measures and various employers on the construction site.

Our Services in the Planning Phase:

  • Participation in tenders, quote checks, and supply procurement;
  • Advance notice of construction works;
  • Drafting the necessary occupational safety tasks;
  • Safety and health planning;
  • Drafting site regulations;
  • Compilation of documents for subsequent work on the physical structure.

Our Services in the Execution Phase:

  • Monitoring of the measures stipulated in the safety and health protection plan;
  • Organizing inspections, site supervision and safety meetings;
  • Briefing on-site managers from various companies;
  • Coordination of health and safety measures and of different employers;
  • Updating the safety and health plan in case of significant changes.

With Alemona support, you are able to:

  • Increase safety on the construction site and prevent work accidents;
  • Gain legal peace of mind with occupational safety authorities and trade associations;
  • Reduce construction costs by eliminating problems in the construction schedule and later costs through paying attention to work that may still be required for the physical structure;
  • Save time because with our network of consultants and our construction site experts are always close to you.


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