Culture can be simply defined as the attitudes, values and beliefs that underpin “the way we do things here”. A positive HSE culture is largely sustained by trust, credibility and behavior of senior leaders. Trust is extremely fragile, once lost it may be hard to recover.

Achieving and sustaining a positive HSE culture is not a single act, but a journey. Organizations should never let their guard down. Healthy safety cultures result in high reliability organizations which are characterized by their “chronic sense of unease”. Organizations must ensure that senior management are committed to a journey of continuous improvement. One good example: in case of HSE is very easy to lose the trust of workers, mainly those groups of workers which work at the front lines, otherwise if the integration of the regulations and the company’s prescriptions do not exactly fit for circumstances at work.

Alemona HSE Culture Development Program ensures a wide range of proprietary development and training programs. We offer tailor made solutions for individual organizations.

The Alemona HSE Culture Development Programs feature interactive focus groups, assessment tools utilizing strategic planning exercises and large scale engagement sessions equipping and inspiring all employees and contractors to make behavioral changes and fine-tunes that build a stronger safety culture.


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