ISO, management systems, these definitions are common knowledge in today’s business. What do these mean?

Transparency, processes, systematic, goals, improvement, development, efficiency, cooperation – these are just the majority of demands. 

Beside large-scale regulation, well implemented and maintained safety, environment even energy standards bringing the competitive advantage. As a result of implementation and operation of the management systems, the procedures are reviewed, tracked and documented which promote transparency and fulfillment of internal and external requirements.

ISO 14001, ISO 28001, ISO 50001 is based on methodology known as PDCA cycle, carry the process approach. Advantages of integration management systems are known.

Manage business processes more common elements can be found within each management systems, which are defined through the same values and vision. Combined operation of these common elements, save time, energy and resources.

Alemona experts are well recognized to support clients on implementation the desired management systems adapting large-scale experiences with the aim of successful certification and meaningful operation.

We can identify the flaws in the systems and initiate improvement actions. Through the system planning to certification we can encourage the company to see their processes through different lenses.

To maintain a certified system is a more complex task for the company,

We support full function, from the beginning to the efficient operation.

Why Alemona?

  • We have international background, extensive experiences;
  • Alemona’s experts have large-scale knowledge (base);
  • We can bring theory and practice into line;
  • We do not only prepare the company but certify;
  • We do not only certify the system, but inspect;
  • We provide company-specific solutions;
  • We have expert training staff.

The management systems do not only ensure the organization fulfill all the tasks required to achieve its objectives, but also mean competitive advantages.

Alemona supports the organization to obtain a competitive advantage or just to remain competitive. 


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